Buy A Brick Fundraising Campaign

Invest in a Brick Paver and Build Gavin Park’s Path to the Future

The Friends of Wilton Recreation, Inc. would like to invite you to help in our fundraising campaign by buying a brick Paver.

All funds raised through this campaign will be used to buy needed items for Wilton Recreation. Future plans call for developing fitness stations around the park walking path. Our Buy-A-Brick Paver campaign uses local businessses for the engraving and the setting of the brick pavers around the flag pole at Gavin Park. The Buy-A-Brick campaign will be an ongoing program to raise funds for our projects.

There are two sizes of brick pavers available for purchase. Families or individuals may choose either size, while businesses may only purchase the larger brick paver. Engraved brick pavers will be placed randomly around the flag pole in Gavin Park.

Honor someone important, celebrate an anniversary, create a memorial or buy a brick for your family – the possibilities are endless.

Guidelines for engraving

  • 4 x 8 bricks hold 12 characters per line with a 3 line limit

  • 8 x 8 bricks hold 12 characters per line with a 6 line limit

  • Logos can not be engraved on the paver brick

  • The phrase “In Honor of” or “ In Memory of” may be used

  • Professional, military or school affiliations are acceptable

  • Taglines, slogans or other promotional wording is not allowed

  • Space between words count as a character


Please make checks payable to:

Friends of Wilton Recreation, Inc.
14 Hammond Dr., Wilton, NY 12831

Or make donation by credit card using the form below.


Please call Chris Iwinski at (518) 669-0265 or email:

Thank you for helping in this endeavor!